Denkzettel 2018
For APG's New Year's Message, a poster series on the subject of "deceleration" was created.
The poster has a reduced, graphic look and reminds of a vintage postcard with its rough screening. The poster was printed in screen printing with complex bitmap screenings. The grid is a self-developed grid with a disturbance dither and a threshold value, so that the density of the grid can be adjusted with a slider. The posters were shown at the beginning of the year and were intended to provide food for thought for the New Year.

This Poster won «100 Beste Plakate 2017»

London Guide

The works of thirty students on typically English topics should be presented in a publication.

The publication serves as a robust, water-repellent travel guide that also functions as a reference book. The topics are always accompanied by a title page which serves for quick information retrieval and the following pages are meant to deepen the understanding of each topic. The typically English terms are arranged according to their frequency of use in the English language. The book contains sixty projects on 260 pages.

14 × 19 × 2 cm

Final Exhibition FG 2019

Every summer there is an exhibition at Rössligasse 12 about all the work, that has been produced by the students of the Fachklasse Grafik, in the year leading up to the exhibition. Projects span most areas of visual design, from animation and webdesign to typogarphy and print. We were tasked with an unintrusive signage system for the exhibition. We developed a custom font and icons to depict the different creative fields. The final project included a custom font, posters, signage, printed matters and even a huge mural. 

In collaboration with Raphael Wicki.
Animated Posters

For three movies, by a randomly assigned director, an animated poster had to be created for each film.

The posters have a reduced final form, they consist only of typography and three colors each. The lettering is catchy and is the main attraction on the poster. The animation illustrates the story of the movie in an abstract way. Provided that you know the movies, the animations have an extraordinary narrative character.

680 × 960 px

Stobe is the name of concept coffee bar and restaurant which serves the community with great, local food and various courses, workshops and talks. 

To acctentuate the diverse and ever evolving nature of the bar we decided to embrace the typographical brackets as a container for all things information. As part of the wordmark the brackets hold everything you might need, from images to text. The brackets were screenprinted, in a custom colour, onto a lofty paper. Later the customer can print whatever they might need ontop of it with a cheap black and white office printer. For cost saving meassures the customer only needs to print a large stock of A3 bracket-paper which can be cut down to most sizes, down to business cards. Or use it as is for posters.

In collaboration with Camille Ammann and Till Hess.


Weltformat 2019

For the Newcomer Award of the Weltformat Festival 2019 the Task was to create a poster showing rules and tools that might be used by a designer. 

The focus of this poster was on the different tools i use in my workflow. Manifested in some sort of cheatsheet, set in a new font i’m developing at the moment.


The Switch

The newest LP of «The Daily Stumbler» includes songs about decisionmaking. This cover is an atempt of capturing these sometimes overwhelming moments in abstract form.

12 × 12 cm

Masterkonzerte 2017

The task was to design a poster and a flyer for the concerts of the Master's Degree graduates.

On the poster is a barrel organ playing the "Master's Degree Graduation Concert". On the coloured side of the band you will find all names of the graduates and the lecturers. The poster was accompanied by a smaller A2 folding poster with the performance dates on the back. For social media a suitable film with the same look was created. 

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Asterisk Industries™

This is my final project for the Fachklasse Grafik in Lucerne. I knew i wanted my project to be about a topic that is highly relevant for todays society. But i needed a topic that hasn’t been looked at from a designers perspective. So my project deals with the important topic of digitalisation and automation in the job industry. Many of todays statistics feel quite somber and depressing, so i wanted to use my skills to take on a more light-hearted angle. That’s why i founded the pseudo hyper-capitalistic company Asterisk Industries. It’s their goal to sell you tools that you might need for a job that doesn’t exist yet. That’s why they embedded a job finding tool for you to find your perfect, imaginary job. The website is live over at:

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Weltklasse 2017

Workshops are held every year in cooperation with the poster festival «Weltformat». A poster and a moving picture were needed for the appearance.

To illustrate the variety of graphics, we used single letters in different fonts. The letters were projected and filmed on walls, ceilings and angles in the workshop building. Through the movement of the letters and the darkness a vague three-dimensionality is sketched. Excerpts from the film were taken for the poster.

LuCouture Runway Visuals
The goal was to create multiple, abstract projections to represent the creation process of a dress. The «LuCouture fashion day» is an annual runway show in the KKL with over 900 attendants, hosted by the fashion label «LuCouture». 

We searched for a way to show the complicated process of making a «haute-couture» dress in a reduced and graphic way. Each clip was filmed in three stages: First the mannequin, then the animated pattern projected on a piece of cloth and finally the animated Logo. The three were then multiplied over each other. Each clip is accompanied by fitting audio-recordings of real-world sounds from the studio.

In collaboration with Till Hess and Louise Schibli.

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10 × 5 m


Conception and brainstorming through sketches and drawings.

Drawings are less and less used in today’s graphics, but they are a good way to illustrate ideas and concepts. In some cases, the sketches also become the final work in themselves.

21 × 29,7 cm

Design according to rules.

We defined three categories of shapes: roundish, angular and linear. Six templates were generated from these categories. In addition, six spray colors were chosen. In order to spray the posters in A2 format, the order, template numbers and colors for each image were determined by throwing the dice. The whole process was filmed and converted into a Lumetri Scope in Adobe Premiere. The final result has very technical and extraordinary aesthetics.

 In collaboration with Mina Tomic and Damin Samsodeen. 

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1920 × 1080 px

Transport Newspaper
The aim was to create a newspaper on the subject of traffic, using photography and collages.

The focus of the work is on the multi-storey car park. Where the traffic stops. All pictures were photographed in analogue form, developed and then collaged in the size of the final format. In addition to the imagery, various facts about the car park are conveyed typographically. The result was printed on 50 g/m2 newsprint paper which adds to the newspaper feel.

37,5 × 52,0 cm